Eda Jane Rosier

 BORN 1867 at Emerald Hill, Vic.
 DIED 1946 in Sydney, NSW.

NSW prob Death Record 273/1946

 CREMATED 21 February 1946 in Sydney, NSW. Link 
 FATHER James Watson Rosier (1834-1920)
 MOTHER Nancy Thomas Richards (1835-1900)
 MARRIED 1 John Hudson Keys Langley (1870-1947) on 9 March 1893 at Kew, Vic. Link 
 CHILDREN   Hudson John Watson Langley (1894-1919)
 DIVORCED 1905 Link 
 MARRIED 2 Hugh Kyle Dunn (1880-1908) c1905
 MARRIED 3 Alexander Charles Rockwell on 18 November 1909 in Launceston, Tas. Link 

Separated from husband soon after birth of Hudson.

In about 1904 she was divorced by prison warder John Langley (son of the Bishop of Bendigo) who cited Hugh Kyle Dunn as co-respondent. Eda subsequently married Dunn, (where is the record?) but in 1908 she left Dunn and moved in with her brother James W Rosier junior. Dunn visited Rosier’s house with a view to retrieving his wife, but in an altercation with Rosier, Dunn was fatally shot in the chest. The coroner’s jury found the shooting to be accidental. Evidence was given that Dunn beat Eda cruelly when he was drunk. (See JW Rosier jnr’s page for more detail.)

Mrs Dunn made a statement at the time of her husband’s death: I was married to Dunn at a registry office, she said about three years ago, after I was divorced from Langley. I think it was a Roman Catholic priest who performed the ceremony. For seven and a half years Dunn had been a clerk in the Penal department of New South Wales. Two years ago he got £4,000 upon the death of his mother, and that money he squandered in drink and gambling in less than a year. In October 1906, we came to Melbourne, where he obtained temporary employment. We went to live in Jessie street, Coburg, and for a long time we did not go near my brother and his people. He was always a good husband to me except when he was drunk, when he would beat me cruelly. It is about two months since the first time I went to my brother’s house in order to escape my husband’s cruelty. I thought it better to go away from him when drinking, and I would stay away till he was better. Last Thursday I left him to go to Rosiers’, and when he came there after me I was in the breakfast-room. He said I had no business to go away, and he hit me on the right jaw. Mrs Rosier said You had better go away, I do not want any scene here. He said I will do as I like. Where is the rifle? I will soon settle her. Mr Rosier prevented him from getting a rifle, and Dunn then left the house. I went out into the street and returned about mid-night. My husband was waiting for me. He hit me several times. He knocked me down till I was almost unconscious. I went into my brother’s bedroom, and he went out to prevent Dunn from coming in. Dunn said, I will smash her to atoms when I get her. I left and stayed away all night. I came back at daylight, and after breakfast I went to Mrs Irwin’s, at Leigh-place off Bridge-road, Richmond. I knew nothing about this terrible affair till Mrs Irwin told me about it on Saturday morning.

Eda became Mrs E Rockwell, 47 Phillip St, Sydney, NSW, later of Potts Point, Sydney.

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