John Richards jnr

 BORN c1805 in Madron, Cornwall, England.
 BAPTISED 27 October 1805 in Zennor, Cornwall, England.
 DIED 4 January 1874 in Narrawong, Vic.
 FATHER John Richards
 MOTHER Mary Thomas
 MARRIED Elizabeth Mitchell (1804-1889) 17 March 1827 in Zennor, Cornwall, England.
 CHILDREN   Elizabeth Richards 2 (1827-)
Mary Richards 2 (1830-)
Jane Richards (1832-1911)
Nancy Thomas Richards (1835-1900)
Elizabeth Richards (1836-1901)
Grace Mitchell Richards (1838-1920)
Louisa Richards (1841-1929)
Rosina Richards (1844-1935)
John Richards 3 (1846-1851)
Lavinia Piety Richards (1849-1922)

A shoemaker of Trewey, Cornwall, who was an assisted immmigrant, arrived, with his wife and 9 children, in Portland, Victoria on 16 September 1854 aboard the Nestor, after 118 days at sea, having departed England on 21 May 1854.

The family settled in Portland.

They were of the Wesleyan/Methodist faith.

John died in Narrawong, near Portland, on 4 Jan 1874, of chronic bronchitis.

John's (intestate) estate required a 39-year effort to dispose of its £66/10/-. (Two pdfs hold the data.)

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