Maria Thurtell

 BORN 5 February 1793 at Hopton, Suffolk, England.
 BAPTISED 17 February 1793 at Hopton.
 DIED 1875 at Camberwell, London. Link 
 FATHER John Thurtell (1762-1846)
 MOTHER Anne Browne (c1762-1834)
 MARRIED John Browne (1792-1845) (her double first cousin) on 8 October 1814 at Witton, near North Walsham, Norfolk.
 CHILDREN   John Robert Browne (1815- )
 Martin Browne (1817-1898)
 Horace Browne (1819-1899)
 Anna Maria Browne (1820- )
 Caroline Browne (1821-)
 Emma Browne (1822-1859)
 Frederick Browne (1824-)
 William Wallace Browne (1823-1831)
 Herbert Howard Browne (1825-1898safrica)
 Edward Browne (1826-)
 Clara Browne (1827-1891)

Mentioned in diary of Anne Thurtell (her sister). Maria Browne was the largest beneficiary of the will of her sister Anne Everitt in 1866.

In the 1861 census Maria was running a lodging house at 8 Grenville St, Regent Square, London, and in 1871 Maria was staying at her daughter Anna Maria’s house at 56/58 Lyndhurst Rd, Camberwell.

Referred to as Aunt Browne in the Thurtell-Murray the letters. Lived at Pudding Norton Hall nr. Fakenham in Norfolk. Thirteen children died young and are buried close to the grave of their father, John Browne in the churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin, Colkirk, Norfolk. Of the others: John Robert was a farmer in Sussex who retired to Hackney (most of his children went to South Africa or Australia and his son Arthur, an accountant who remained in London, changed his name to Heitland); Martin was a solicitor, who ended up in Birkenhead, Cheshire; Horace was a chemist and druggist in Tasmania and Victoria, Australia; Anna Maria visited Sarah Murray in 1867 (Sarah deemed her a nice person but very peculiar); Caroline is reputed to have married & gone to Australia; Emma b. 1822, a Plymouth sister whose 1845 drawing of Pudding Norton Hall still exists; Frederick Thurtle is reputed to have drowned on the way to Australia; Herbert Howard went to South Africa; Edward who was in Canada when visited by Aunt Everitt, but subsequently moved to South Africa; and Clara (Mrs Lewis) who lived in St Albans, where her husband was a chemist & druggist and sometime mayor, and died leaving her with 9 children, 3 of whom from his former wife (see letter). Then there were 11 children, including four sets of twins, who died in infancy, and finally Henry Heitland b. 1839. A couple of other children died in childhood. 13 children died young and are buried close to the grave of their father, John BROWNE in the churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin, Colkirk, Norfolk.

My Ain Folk states:
They lived at Norton Hall near Norwich, which had a lovely avenue of 100 lime trees leading up to it. They had 24 children, several sets of twins. In a letter from Frances Bass to Great Grandmother Mary (Everitt) Thurtell Murray dated 15 April 1837 she says … dear Sophia says Mrs Browne expects everyday confinement of her 22nd child. Oh! how enviable is my state of blefed singlenefs. Maria and John’s eldest child, John, was Val Rubidge’s Great Grandfather. The 8th child Herbert, had a daughter Maria (Minnie) who married Lt. Gen. Sir Frank Mulcary. She is the Minnie Mulcary referred to in many old letters.

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