Alice Geyden-Roberts

 BORN 6 April 1872 at Cromwell Terrace, Huntingdon, England. Link 
 FATHER James Richard Geyden Roberts (1842-1913)
 MOTHER Fanny Adela Jane Kraushaar (1848-1929)
Eric Leonard George Clist (1914-1995)

Emigrated to USA in 1906.

Bertha Sarah and Alice (both of Malvern) travelled together from Liverpool in 1906 on the Celtic and were processed on Ellis Island, NY, on 8 July 1906.

In 1910 she resided at New Haven Ward 14, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, where she was a servant. In 1930-40 she was a servant at 1211 Putnam Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey, USA.

In 1955 she lived at 82 E Grand Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Alice is mentioned several times in the book As Ever Yours: The Letters of Max Perkins and Elizabeth Lemmon.

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